Passwords, Easy to remember phrase words!

Passwords, Passwords, Passwords!
So hard to remember? Try the Peppy Techie Password Technique

We hear all the time about different passwords need to be used for different web sites. Why, because if you use the same password for every web site, and just one gets hacked, you are in trouble. So how can you manage to have a different password for every site??? Use the Peppy Techie Password Plan.

Most computer hackers use algorithms to hack websites once they have your password. In terms you and I understand, they use the password and log in email they find and try it everywhere until they get in. So lets try the Peppy techie technique for passwords.

Use a sentence, and change it to letters and numbers.

When shopping at kmart, I buy stuff and I like to swim9945
W s a kt 1 b s & 1 l 2 s 9945

Here would be the password, which would take hacker software years to figure out!


Wow, if you just used those letters and numbers you would never remember, but it’s a sentence! You can also add like I did numbers for words such as I and to.

So now I need a password for Amazon……same sentence, but I change the store. Always use two letters for the store and it will be safer and harder to crack if a computer figures out your system.

When shopping at Amazon, I buy stuff and I like to swim 9945
W s a az 1 b s & 1 l 2 s9945


Wow, now you have 2 different passwords, which protect you if one site is hacked and your password is revealed, however, you have a slightly different password for Amazon, so they cannot use it to get in. So what are the changes that hackers software figures out this system, it is possible, but it would take the computer software a long time, and hackers normally want a quick hit.

I still advise you to change your password or phrase password every year, or if it is banking, Id advise every 6 months.

Have two sentences, one for shopping, one for banking but all of them different!

Hope this helps you make and remember your passwords!