Want To Make A Video On Your Windows PC?

If you want to create a video on your Windows PC, but you don’t know where to start, let me help. First there are some simple questions I usually ask?

Do you have any software on your Device that you have used before to create a video?

If the answer is no, or you have only used PowerPoint, then I can help you with a basic video editor, that has a very small learning curve, and you should be up and running your video show in no time.

HD Movie Maker Pro is offered in the Microsoft Store, which you can find by going to your start button on your Windows device, and typing “STORE”

Once in the Store: Go to search and type in “HD MOVIE MAKER PRO” The demo of Movie Maker and is free but very limited. The paid version of this software is usually $9.99 and will give you full access to the program on your pc after you download it.

Once you have installed the software, follow the instructions on this video: and you should have a video up and running in no time at all. Also check out my video on HD Movie Maker Soundtrack as well. See that video below this one! If you have any questions you can message Peppytechie using the following media: twitter.com/peppytechie or message me in Facebook